Friday, May 15, 2009

Love Day Friday

This should be a fun weekend.

It's Child's school campout. Now, hubby and I don't actually CAMP, per se. Like sleeping in a tent and That is just uncomfortable. So Child will be staying in her friend's family's camper tonight, and we will be fishing and staying in a hotel somewhat nearby--then meeting them in the morning for the fun family day of gold panning and tours and picnicking and such.

My kinda camping, baby.

In other news, have my more-revision letter, so I'm working on that. Fortunately the LAST revisions are good--now I just have to tweak to match them! It's the butterfly wings effect: every change has more and more consequences. For the BETTAH.

Also, it's Friday, and I feel like having a LOVE FRIDAY. This one is fairly general: list at LEAST ONE thing that is somehow involved in the publishing world that you love. A book you're reading or have read, an author, an editor, an agent, a blog...anything.

I'll do (at least) one of each:

I love:

BOOK: Death by Bikini, by Linda Gerber. Just finished it yesterday. Now on to the next ones, Death by Latte and Death by Denim (which was released yesterday!)

AUTHOR: Maureen Johnson, who makes me laugh on twitter every day, and on her blog. Also Melissa Marr, who inspires me with her generous, honest, serene approach to this crazy world.

AGENT: Duh, Janet Reid The Fabulous Sparkly Shark for more reasons than I can say! Also Amy Tipton and Colleen Lindsay, fellow fabulous FinePrinters.

EDITOR: My dear Moonie. Also, the just-discovered-this morning blog of Molly O'Neill, which I've already added to my Reader.

BLOG: Other than those above, my favorites are Cake Wrecks, Motherhood Is not for Wimps, and The YA YA YAs.

What are your favorites? Please share the love!


Gerb said...

Oh! *sniff* THANK YOU, Susan!

I love the people I have gotten to know since getting into the biz - fellow writers (like Susan here!), YA book bloggers, readers, my dear editor and my very patient and cool agent, Elaine Spencer.

moonrat said...

aww, i'm a dear!

Susan Adrian said...

Linda: Yay for sharing the love! And you're welcome. Great book--I can't wait to read the others now!

Moonie: Yes, you ARE. :)

Tiffany Schmidt said...

blog: Am I a total teacher's pet if I say I <3 YOUR blog? I love that you bring so much positivity to a field that is so full of challenges. I know where I can alway turn for a pick me up! x's

book/author: Even though it's not a new one, I'm going with Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie by Jordan Sonnenblick, b/c a) it's one of my all time favorites b) my kiddos are reading it right now and their enthusiasm makes me fall in love all over again c) he's coming to my school on Monday to teach Writer's Workshops to the kiddos! (squee!)

I am also NOT a camper. I tried it once and ended up in the ER... but that's a story for another time. Try NOT to follow my example and have a great time this weekend!

courtney said...

Uhm, your kind of camping sounds like my kind of camping. Let us all go on that kind of camping together one day! Hee.

*\o/* *\o/* for the revision letters! You are going to PWN it--and I love the way you put it... THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT. That is so it.

BOOK: I just enjoyed Sarah MacLean's The Season as you know. It was good stuff!

AUTHOR: C.K. Kelly Martin! I am dying to read her next book!

AGENTS: Amy Tipton and--omg, we have the same ~agent~ love in common. WHAT ARE THE ODDS. But they really are wonderful at FinePrint. :)


BLOG: Ooh, I am stealing Tiffany's answer. THIS ONE! You are fabulous and your love Friday betters the internet, bb.

Have a great weekend, girl.


Amethyst Greye Alexander said...

I love Michelle Witte ( ) because besides being a fellow buddy and Authonomy survivor she is ALWAYS passing along helpful information, getting me through funks, provides the perfect 'calm person' balance to my 'erratic person' self, and even though we have entirely different styles in so many aspects we still gab like monkeys in a jumgle.

As for Author, I'm digging Rick Riordan, and the next book I'm really looking forward to is Angie Sage's next Septimus Heap novel, Queste. Waiting for the PB as all the other I have are PB and I'm a little neurotic about covers 'matching'.

Janet Reid said...

Book: I have to recuse myself from listing a favorite book since I represent incredible fabulosity both on the shelves and not yet published. I will say I'm loving CJ Box's BLUE HEAVEN which won the Edgar for Best Novel (and I'm reading right now)

Author: as above with special sparkly love for Courtney, Amy, Teri, Victoria, Vickie, Kristin,Stephanie, Sandy and Heather who are my foster authors while Amy is away.

Agents; Amy Tipton ROCKS. That is all.

Editor: Moonrat love!

Blog: This one of course!!!

Susan Adrian said...

Tiffany: Aw. <3 back. I don't care if it makes you teacher's pet, THANK YOU!! And I am dying to hear the camping story. *plops down to listen*

Courtney: Another non-camper! Yay! And the Butterfly Effect is a KILLAH if you let it be, but you have beaten it down. Wahoo! Also, you made me laugh RE the same-agent-taste. *snort*

Susan Adrian said...

Amethyst: Thanks for sharing! Should I admit that I've never read Rick Riordan? Probably not. Ignore that. :)

Janet: Very smart on the author/book choices. *nods* Wholeheartedly agree (of course) with your agent and editor choices! And...thanks. *beam*