Friday, May 01, 2009

Gimme the good news first

Today is a good news/bad news kind of day. Usually I tend to focus just on the good news side, but I've got to admit it's pretty much balanced right now.

Of course those who've read JENNA know I'm all about the balance, so that's cool.

So are you ready? Here goes:

    GOOD NEWS: I sent my revisions back yesterday! WooHOO! They're the most extensive revisions I think I've ever done, and baby, I'm getting to be an expert. :)

    BAD NEWS: The *extensive* part leaves a big crack for the Doubt Monster to creep in, nasty evil thing.

    GOOD NEWS: I am strong, and I have strong friends who stand with me. We're kicking the Doubt Monster's hairy ass.

    GOOD NEWS: My thesis is done. I'm ALMOST done with classwork. I have 1 project left to finish.

    I have 1 project left to finish. (but really, this isn't too bad)

    GOOD NEWS: I'm going to graduate a week from tomorrow!

    BAD NEWS: The weather is predicted to be crap, and for the first time in many years they're going to move it inside. Into our tiny little gym, which will only hold the graduates themselves. So nobody can actually *come* to the graduation. Sux.

    BAD NEWS: I royally tweaked my back this morning, ROLLING OVER. Owowowowow.

    GOOD NEWS: Yeah, I can't really think of a good side of back pain. I have ibuprofen and Aspercreme?


    GOOD NEWS: Work is providing free DONUTS this morning!

    BAD NEWS: No bad news about that!!


Jeanie W said...

Remember, you shouldn't take ibuprofen on an empty stomach. Better load up on the donuts.

DeadlyAccurate said...

I'm sure your revisions are fantastic.

Sorry about your back, though.

Anonymous said...

I vote donuts. You're graduating, moving the book alone and enjoying fried dough with sugar!

As someone having one of those days myself, I may go get a donut, too...

Go get 'em!


Chandra Rooney said...

Let's focus on the weather being good and people getting to celebrate your hard work!

Susan Adrian said...

Jeanie: duly noted, advice followed. I told my boss your ruling, and he agreed. :)

Deadly: I hope you're right about revisions!! Back sux. Ibuprofen helped. And sitting really weirdly in my chair.

Dawn: Donuts are MEDICINE. EAT THEM.

Chandra: Yes, positive! The weather is great here for the first time in a week! And tonight I have a Chocolate Tasting Party (forgot that!)

courtney said...

I'm sure yours ROCK.

I know I am late to this blog entry. You will pwn all there is to pwn. Because it is in your genetic makeup.


Susan Adrian said...

Courtney love:


Janet Reid said...

Good news: you totally sparkle

Bad news: if you sparkle too much, no one will be able to see your tiara on Tiara Day!

Susan Adrian said...


~**sparkle**~ The only danger of being too sparkly for our tiaras is if you, me, and Courtney were all in tiaras in the same room at the SAME TIME! The sparkle force might be too great if that happened...