Monday, May 11, 2009

Now THAT was a weekend!

Wow. I won't have a weekend like that again soon.

I graduated *officially* with my Master's degree on Saturday...and in spite of dire weather reports rightupuntilthetime, we managed to have it outdoors and even have some sun. And let me tell ya, it was FUN to walk across that field. A kazillion people I know were there to hug and congratulate me and shake my hand (this is what happens when you work on campus), and I felt SUCH a bubble of accomplishment. Wahoo. Today I feel zen-like in my calm--which, believe me, is rare. Almost unheard of. (plus I got ice cream cake and roses and cards and dinner and jewelry, yay, but those were just bonuses)

And then Sunday was Mother's Day! All I'd asked for was to sleep in, and I got an extra hour. Then I got breakfast brought to me (peanut-butter english muffin, yum), with a beautiful card made by Child. Then we all got ready and went fishing together for a few hours, part of which we all fished and part Hubby fished while Child read her book aloud to me, perched on my lap on a big sunny rock. Aaaahh. We headed home and went to my mom's house, where much sharing-of-presents was had. More handmade beautiful gifts from Child made my day. And we rounded up with hubby making dinner...and me pulling Child's loose tooth!

And then I totally ALMOST blew it and messed up the tooth-fairy thing, because I fell asleep and forgot last night. (Bad Mommy) Thank god I remembered first thing this morning and made the switcheroo before she woke up. WHEW, because she was *so* excited about her 3 gold coins. She squealed (with her beautiful gappy smile) and ran off to show the coins to her daddy straightaway, while I did a little thankful prayer.

And yeah...I really don't think you can get better than that, do you?

*beaming still*


Linda G. said...

What a wonderful weekend you had! I love those happy, gappy smiles -- they mark a very special time in parenthood.

Congrats again on your new degree, Master. {g}


Jeanie W said...

What a fabulous weekend! Congratulations, Master Adrian!

moonrat said...

wow :) not bad at all!! :)

Susan Adrian said...

Linder: Her smile made me so happy. I just kept telling her "Show me your beautiful smile!" and she'd grin. :)

Jeanie: Thanks! I like that title maybe a little too much.

Moonie: No, not bad. *beams more*

Tiffany Schmidt said...

No wonder you're feeling Zen today, you had quite the weeekend!

Welcome to the Master class - I hope all of your weekends are as wonderful :)

p.s. Does "Master" make you think of I Dream of Jeannie or is that just me?

Deniz Bevan said...

Congratulations on graduation - and making it through the weekend! Hugs :-)

Kathy said...

Congrats, Susan!

Sara Howe said...


Anonymous said...

Congrats! What a wonderful weekend. The tooth fairy actually did forget our house once . . . to my everlasting shame. Worst case of mommy guilt EVER. (Turns out there was a special case of fairy flu, or so we hear.) I'm so glad that didn't happen at your house!

Jennifer S.

Susan Adrian said...

Tiffany: I didn't think of JEANIE before, but I will now. ~*genie sparkles*~

Deniz, Kathy, and Sara: THANK YOU!!!

Jennifer: Ooooh, good cover with the fairy flu. I hope never to need that!