Tuesday, June 09, 2009


As you...ahem...*might* have noticed, I've been away. We darted out of town right after school was over for a much-needed week-long break.


I need my city visits. A week of indulgence, hotels, playing, and enjoying each other in new surroundings. Over our vacation I or we did all of the below (not in order):
  • Hung out with the lovely and talented Emily Hainsworth and her husband. We've been Twitter buds for a while, but this was our first real-person meeting. She is FABULOUS.
  • Cheered on our Padres at a Pads/Rockies game (sorry, Emily!)
  • Played frisbee at a local park, let Child crawl all over the new and different play equipment.
  • Hubby introduced Child & me to Dave & Busters. WAY too much fun. Addictive. And we came home with all sorts of interesting "prizes"!
  • Explored the Museum of Science & Nature (SO cool!)
  • Spent a whole day at the Denver Zoo.
  • Dashed through the rain...um, everywhere.
  • Checked out the Butterfly Pavilion. Child & I got to be right there while they released all the butterflies that had hatched that day.
  • Spent another whole day at Elitch Gardens, a fantabulous amusement park and waterpark. Though the amusement park bit turned out much better than the waterpark. Brrrr.
  • Child won a blue-striped gecko she'd coveted all day by making the booth guy NOT guess her birth month correctly.
  • Bought EVERMORE at the Tattered Cover.
  • Went to the Denver Art Museum on free Saturday, and ended up only going to the part we actually paid for, the Psychedelic Posters exhibit. Because it was that cool. And because Child got very intent on doing the light show (colored oil and water projected on a screen) and making a 60s-style poster.
  • Saw a B-17. Not only SAW...hubby went for a ride in it!
  • Had a great time at the Wings over the Rockies museum.
  • Bought clothes. Bought games. Bought doll and doll clothes. Bought books. Bought fishing stuff at Bass Pro Shops. Narrowly avoided having to buy another suitcase. :)
I'm sure that's not all. But we enjoyed every minute. It really was a relaxing, fun time.


(also, finished my revisions and sent them off today! Wahoo!)


Anonymous said...

Hey! You forgot the amazing game of What's Wrong With This Picture? played with Child! ;) SO glad our fair city stood the test and ended up being less wintry than Montana in June! :D

Tiffany Schmidt said...

Question: Where is the blue-striped gecko now? (And, yes, I do only want to know so I can avoid it).

Sounds like a fabulous trip! I'm jealous of your and Emily's meet-up, but glad you both say that the other is even cooler in person! (is that possible?!)

Congrats on being done revisions - what a great way to start the summer! :)

Amethyst Greye Alexander said...

I am all up with the envy, but I'm psyched you had a fantabulous time and that you're back! Twitter wasn't quite as interesting without you.


courtney said...

If I could steal your vacation... I WOULD. Ruthlessly. I wish I could. I wonder what sort of logistics that would involve? Probably a time machine? And begging to go with you instead of an actual stealing of the vacation since I couldn't do that to you. AND BAMBI EYES.

It sounds like it was awesome. AND SPARKLY. Meeting Emily! Emily meeting you! ~*JEALOUS*~