Thursday, June 11, 2009

ULTRA-MEGA Tiara Day and ULTRA-MEGA Contest Tomorrow!

*announcement* *announcement* *announcement*

Tomorrow (Friday, June 12th) will be ULTRA-MEGA Tiara Day.

Tiara Day is partly just silly--the idea is to post a picture of yourself in a tiara, your usual avatar tiara'd, or a plain old tiara pic as your avatar for the day. Can work on Twitter, Facebook, your blog, whatever.

It's also partly about celebrating good news, and creating good, positive energy. It's FUN.

So to help make tomorrow ULTRA-MEGA, I'm also going to host a contest.

Detailed post tomorrow, but the gist is that if you participate in Tiara Day and let me know, you will be entered to win one of EIGHT books I've put up as choices. All different genres. Including a particular ARC that many many people would like to have....*

Books and deets tomorrow!! Polish your tiaras!!

*At this point I'm only going to have one winner, but if I get ULTRA-MEGA participation, you never know....


Amethyst Greye Alexander said...

Awesome! Will participate. Might even take a brand new tiara photo just for the occasion.


Kelly A. Harmon said...

Sounds like fun! I'm in...thanks to the tip from Janet Reid. My twitter pic is now sporting a tiara. @kellyaharmon

giddymomof6 said...

Ooh! Ooh! I'm in! Jenni

Tiffany Schmidt said...

Hooray for ULTRA MEGA Tiara Day - Hooray for good news! HOORAY for YOU!

Crystal Posey said...

I'm in! :)