Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Book YAY

Finally I've got my teeth into a new book.

All new. Brand new. Shiny and tempting and lovely.

Sparkly like this:

Or this:

Or especially THIS:

Though I will be keeping it close to my chest for quite a while yet, I wanted to share the GLEE.


pseudosu said...

Yay-- me too! (well, rewriting an old one counts right-- if it's from scratch??) Love that feeling don't you-- being back down the rabbit hole?

Anonymous said...

~*sparkles*~ !!!! Once you get past The Blank Page, the new-book sparkles can do no wrong! Yay!

courtney said...



It was only a matter of time. ;)

Susan Adrian said...

Um...geez, I didn't reply to these yet. *coughs*

Sue: LOVE the rabbit hole! Yay rabbit holes!!

Emily: It is still sparkly. And it has been several days. Hee.

Courtney: Fortunately, YES. :)