Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Pat's!

I don't actually celebrate St. Pat's. Three reasons, really:

  • I have not a DROP of Irish in me.
  • It's HUGE HUGE HUGE here, because we have a massive Irish population, and I'm such a curmudgeon sometimes I don't want to participate just because everyone else does enough participating for all of us. Plus uptown is taken over by drunks from about 10 AM on.
  • I'm still just a touch resentful of all those pinches from grammar school. I'm just saying. 
But I did wear green today, to please Child. She's all into it, and who am I to deny her an extra holiday?

The weather has been absolutely thrillingly gorgeous here since Sunday, with full sun and 50-60 degree temperatures. We've taken full advantage. Sunday we swam outside, took an hour long walk/bike ride on the walking trail (Child on her bike), and played tennis. Monday hubby and I walked at lunch and while Child was in dance class. We tried to play tennis again, but the darn high school kids apparently take over the courts in the afternoon/evenings. Hubby jokingly said, "Get inside, kids! Go play video games!" But no. Yesterday we tried again, and ended up shooting hoops for an hour instead.

I love it. It's a whopping spoonful of summer when we should still be mired in snow. Mind, it's supposed to snow again tomorrow, but I will not complain!!


Linda G. said...

See, I have a whole 'nother take on St. Paddy's Day. I love it. And these days I'm tempted to not wear green, just so somebody _will_ pinch me. ;)

Glad your weather has been so wonderful. It's beautiful here today, too--and I'm sopping up every bit of it.

pseudosu said...

We are having early spring here too, and trying to alternately steel ourselves for the disappointment of more snow sure to follow, and give in to the optimism that MAYBE this is some kind of fluke year and it's here to stay. Either way, enjoy it not right?

Susan Adrian said...

Linda: YOU are a pinch-solicitor! (I so almost used another word and REFRAINED)

Sue: We're actually supposed to get snow in the next couple of days. Right now I don't care.

Mardel said...

I never really got the whole green or get pinched thing. I come from a hispanic background so this major following of Irish holidays seems hollow to me. I do wear green in self-defense, and to make the kids happy. Probably the only time in the whole year I wear green. And not too seriously here, why is it okay to follow this holiday tradition type thing, and not Christmas or other countries beliefs? - I'm half joking here, not very serious - but it does seem strange - a little.

Tahereh said...

tehehe you're too funny. love your posts. :D

Susan Adrian said...

Mardel: It is a little strange--none of the other nationalities really have their own day. Of course there's Cinco de Mayo now, which just means people eat nachos and drink margaritas up here...

Tahereh: Thanks!!