Wednesday, March 24, 2010


There are two favorite times in my day, every day.

One is none of your business. :) Two is my wake-up time with Child.

Every school morning I get up at 0-dark, stumble around and get myself ready. Then I open the curtains, turn on lights if it's November-March, and pad to Child's room.

"Good morning," I say, softly.

She's a much better morning person than I am. She whispers "Good morning." I warn her, and then turn on her light.

I sit on the end of her bed, in the little space next to her feet. When she's ready she pulls the blankets off her head, sits up, rubs her eyes, and climbs right into my lap.

I know this probably won't last much longer. She's 8. She's a big girl, and getting more independent by the day. But I treasure these moments. She's warm and sleepy, bright hair rumpled, and she clings to me, buries her face in my neck. We don't say anything for a while. Just hug. Sometimes I rub her back, feel her knobby spine. Every once in a while she'll rub mine, or comment on how soft my shirt is, or that I smell good, "Mommy-smell."

It is the moment I feel most complete, most brimming with love.

After a few minutes she pulls back, and we talk a little about how she slept, what's going on today. We laugh. We say "I love you." And "I love you more." And then she gets up to get dressed, and I head off to make lunches, make breakfast, get everything going.

That moment--that lasts me all day.


Elisabeth Black said...

I my gosh, Susan. You smote me. :)

That is so, so dear.

Linda G. said...

I remember those times. *sniffle* Mine were both morning snugglers right up until about middle school age. Something about puberty makes them back off, I think. They have to separate, and (sadly) mommy-snuggles suffer. :(

Susan Adrian said...

Elisabeth: I smote myself too. :)

Linder: Ack, I hate to think of when she stops. Though I know she WILL...*gathering all the hugs while I can*

jmartinlibrary said...

I can relate. I have a nine year old boy. He still hugs a lot. He swears he'll never be too old to snuggle, but I shudder to think of the day he'll be too "grown up" for his momma. The days fly by, don't they?

Janet Reid said...

I think the world would be a better place if every single child started their day this way.

Crystal Posey said...

Sounds close to how my evenings are with the kids. I put all four of them to bed with more kisses than they can handle, pee-in-your-pants tickles, sometimes a song, sometimes a talk, tuck them in and they go to sleep.

Okay so the last parts not true. After the many times they get out of bed to ask questions.... then they go to sleep.