Monday, December 04, 2006

In the Mood

I can't believe I forgot Going My Way on my list of holiday movies! So it's not a Christmas movie per se, but it's Bing, and that puts it in our must-watch Christmas list.

We started the season last night with The Bishop's Wife. I had a moment of doubt when the credits were rolling--"Do I really want to watch this movie AGAIN? Will I like it as much?"

Yes. Yes, I did. :) I'm not really sure why I love the angel theme so much. I've written several short stories about them, but watching that movie made me want to write another one.

This was a busy weekend. We took Child to the ballet with Gram and Opa on Saturday. It was excellent--a young company with lots of kids, but really well trained and professional--and she loved it. That night she put on an entire performance for us, with costume changes and all, copying the dances she saw. Yesterday we took her to the Symphony's Christmas performance, which included a Christmas carol sing-a-long. I am definitely in the Christmas spirit now.

I'm coming into the homestretch on finals and research papers. It won't be over for another 10 days, but it's in sight. I decided I would definitely take it easier next term: only 4 units, and 3 of those are an independent-study class.

In other news I may have another big secret I can't tell y'all yet. Yes, I do this just to drive you crazy. {g} I will tell you when I can on either one, though. Promise!

Medieval Word of the Day: belly-flaught: Headlong; precipitate.


Mrs. Mitty said...

Okay, that's it, Susan. You're officially Evil! ;D TWO secrets!!! Argh!

Can't wait to find out if I'm right. {g}

Anonymous said...


Okay, totally ignoring the secret thing, 'cause you know that drive me nuts, but WHAT A SURPRISE that you love The Bishop's Wife, too. Gotta love Cary as an angel.


Susan Adrian said...


Yes, I know I am evil. But it's fun, isn't it? {g} And this is a good one.

Susan Adrian said...


Cary as an angel is the best. Who else could have played that part, really? Playfulness, wisdom, a little sadness and longing...perfection.

Mrs. Mitty said...

Yes, I must admit. :D I love suspense as much as the next guy!