Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Still here, barely

Just a brief note to say that I'm hanging on by the skin of my teeth over here. Research papers are turned in, but I still have a 2-hour written final and a report to do. Plus work is piled over my head. Two more days and _some_ of the stress will go away, I hope. I am looking forward to enjoying some of the Christmas season after all this.

Last night I had to take a break, though, and I watched the movie "Sky High", about a highschool for superheroes. Laugh-out-loud funny; I loved it.

Oh, and we're having a Santa crisis. Child saw Santa at a party on Sunday and asked for the "Play-Doh Make a Meal Bucket," which she saw in K-mart 2 months ago. Yep, we went to get it yesterday and it's not only gone, it's discontinued, and we can't find one anywhere, online or in real stores. ARGH! Her first specific request of Santa and I'm not sure we can fill it. So if anybody happens to see one of these in their local K-mart, Walmart, etc., PLEASE let me know.

Thanks all! Back to the books!

Medieval Word of the Day: whipster: A vague term of reproach, contempt, or the like, with various shades of meaning. a. A lively, smart, reckless, violent, or mischievous person. b. A wanton, lascivious, or licentious person, a debauchee.


Anonymous said...

Found one! Check ebay. It is brand new, but there is only one left.

Susan Adrian said...


Thanks! But we did look at that one--it's from Australia, and the auction doesn't even close until December 20th. So that one won't work for Christmas!

Anonymous said...

You could email them and ask if they are willing to sell now. This is done all the time.

Anonymous said...

Susan, this doesn't have the same name, but looks like the same thing to me.



Susan Adrian said...


Oooh, close! Eggs even, but not waffles.

Per the other poster, I'm trying to contact the Australian E-bay person. Maybe they'll sell it to me now.

Thanks so much for your efforts!