Thursday, December 07, 2006


Sorry for the disappearing act. Child turned up with strep throat and related scarlet fever--which caused a major mental panic until we found out that nowadays that just means you have a rash along with the strep throat.

Fortunately antibiotics absolutely rock, and she is back to happy, healthy normal except for a little lingering rash. Whew. But add that to finals week and the holidays, and you will understand why I haven't been blogging...and might be very sparse until that final paper is turned in.

Back to it now!


Mrs. Mitty said...

Awww, poor kid. My girl had scarletina as a baby. Scared me too at first. Gotta love antibiotics!

Glad she's doing better!

Susan Adrian said...


It's just a scary phrase. But she's completely better, so yay for that!