Friday, December 01, 2006

The Red and Green Screen

Keeping in the Holiday spirit...

What are your favorite Christmastime movies?

Hubby and I have a pile that we try to watch every year. We don't always make it--last year was particularly bad for movie-watching--but even if I don't actually see them I think about them. These movies are part of Christmas for me now.

--Holiday Inn. We usually start with this one, because it's not ALL Christmas, though it has a lovely version of Bing singing White Christmas. Bing and Fred Astaire, I love it.

--White Christmas. Another Bing extravaganza, with a quite different version of the song. This time with Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, and Vera Ellen. Wonderful singing and awesome dancing.

--The Bishop's Wife. I admit this is my favorite. Of Christmas movies definitely, possibly of all movies. (Okay, Dead Again is a close contestant) But Cary Grant as an angel? It's hard to top that.

--Christmas in Connecticut. Barbara Stanwyck as a pretend Martha Stewart type columnist, who suddenly has to act the part for Christmas.

--It's a Wonderful Life. Of course.

--A Charlie Brown Christmas. Yeah, I don't know why, but we still watch it every year. Maybe it's to see Snoopy dancing.

--How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The original one, not the remake (bleah). My favorite song is "You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch". Chuck Jones rocks.

So pony up. What are your favorites? Is there one I'm missing that I need to add to the pile?

Medieval Word of the Day: kemp: A coarse or stout hair, as those of the eyebrows (obs.); now, hair of this kind occurring among wool.


Anonymous said...

I've never seen the Bishop's Wife. I'll have to look for it this year.

We always try to watch The Grinch and the old b/w Christmas Carol with Alistair Simm (sp?) as Scrooge. I grew up watching that one, and he'll always be Scrooge to me.


Susan Adrian said...


Oh, do try it! I think you'll like it.

For some reason we never watch the Christmas Carol. I used to listen to the Mickey Mouse version on a record when I was little, though. {g} And Hubby and I read parts of it aloud a few times in the early years. I think we'll add that back in when Child is a bit older.

Mrs. Mitty said...

How about Miracle on 34th Street. That's a good'n. Love the courtroom scene!

Anonymous said...


It's a Wonderful Life is pretty close to my favorite movie of all time. Jimmy Stewart at his best. And then there's Bert and Ernie.

The other show I have to watch is Rudolph. Love that.


Susan Adrian said...


Yes, I like Miracle too--but it just isn't on our classics list for some reason. Of course we have enough trouble getting them all in as it is. {s}

Susan Adrian said...


Yep, It's a Wonderful Life is pretty cool. Hubby loves to listen to it on CD...I must have listened to it hundreds of times now. Of course that way I fall asleep at about "Buffalo gal won't you come out tonight..." {g}