Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Revisions made to Jenna: check.
Jenna hook: check.
Jenna synopsis: check.

Whew. I still have a couple more teen readers out there, but otherwise I'm just about ready for Surrey.

Time to start on the next book, I think. {s}

I need to turn in my paper today, but it's mostly done. Yesterday I was all crazy productive and cranked a lot of stuff out. Then last night I came down with daughter's cold {sniff}, so am feeling anything but productive today. {SNEEZE}

Perhaps I will take it nice and easy today.

Ya know, I'm thinking this blog has become pretty boring lately. Sorry about that. Sometime soon maybe I'll get back to ranting and actual coherent discussion instead of just updates...

Whadjya eat? French toast, maple breakfast sausage, and peaches.


Precie said...

Woot woot! Yay for Jenna! And yay for Surrey! I really have to start saving my pennies so I can join the forumites at Surrey next year.

Best of luck with Jenna!

And get well soon!

Susan Adrian said...

Thanks, Precie!! All good-luck wishes greatly appreciated. :)

And I'd love to see you at Surrey!