Friday, September 14, 2007


Revisions over, and it's off to my beta-readers. WHEW.

(I should say this round of revisions over, because I know there will be more after readers, but whatevah. Done for now.)

To celebrate, I bought myself this:

Yep, a foam gargoyle with LED light-up eyes.
Those of you who are reading Jenna now will soon understand. It did get rather a "what the hell" from my husband, but I explained that to me it's like a leap of faith in my book. I saw it, thought "that's a perfect promotional item for Jenna signings" and, after dithering a bit, bought it. I realize that as of this moment no one has even read the book but me, much less agents, editors, or readers, but I believe. Someday I will need this for a signing.



Carol A. Spradling said...

Congratulations, Susan!!!!
One step closer. Hmm, maybe your 'friend' can grace the cover of Jenna.

Annie Wicking and Loman Austen said...

Hi, I think it a great idea to think ahead on such things.

Good luck with your book


Cindy said...

Well, congratulations on the gargoyle. He can make a guest appearance at Halloween, too.

(yes, I'm reading blogs at 7:15 am. The kids are playing, I don't work until 10, and my coffee is on the way!)

Sara said...

Congratulations Susan!

/Sara E.

Susan Adrian said...

Thanks, Annie! I couldn't help myself. And when you just have to buy a light-up gargoyle...who's to say no? :)

Susan Adrian said...

Hey, Cindy! Thanks. It might scare me when I get it, though...hubby asked if it could 'live' at work. {g}

Susan Adrian said...

Thanks, Sara! Onward!

Precie said...

Love your new talisman! Hope it brings you luck! :)

Susan Adrian said...

Thanks, Precie!

Hey, is that you behind those glasses? {g}

Precie said...

LOL! Yup!