Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Not a rant

I could do a major rant today. I want to--it's boiling over in me, triggered by yet another snide comment from someone who loves to shoot others down out of pure jealousy.

But. September 11th does not seem like a suitable day to rant about piddly things. So I will focus on my work, and my book, instead, and put that energy to a more positive purpose.



Precie said...

Ah, crap. In my very ungracious, voyeuristic way, now I'm dying to know know what triggered your rant.

I appreciate your respectful self-censoring and positive direction in honor of the day, though.

Susan Adrian said...

Precie: Not to worry. I'm sure the same people will the say the same things and get me all riled up again another day. {g}