Monday, January 05, 2009

I'm back!!

Hello world. <-- random programmer's joke. Wonder how many get that?

We've been away on vacation. We left for San Diego the day after Christmas, and just sailed (okay, flew) back into town late Saturday night. Vacation was lovely, as usual, and a nice break from the cold. While there we:
  • went to a very crowded Legoland for 8+ hours (craziness!)
  • went to the beach twice. Pure relaxation and playing in the sand and waves. I adore the beach.
  • saw a live production of Xanadu. Yes, with rollerskates and all. The audience sang along and waved light sticks. It rocked!
  • saw a live 40s radio-show version of It's a Wonderful Life.
  • went to Copley Symphony Hall downtown on New Year's Day to see a Celebration of Vienna (apparently a New Year's tradition across North America)
  • spent time at Balboa Park: the Science Museum, the Photography Museum, Train Museum, and the playground.
  • Played with new Christmas toys and games, and got a couple more.
  • ate out a lot. Unfortunately this was not a highlight for me this time because...
I was sick the whole freaking time. Every. Day. Monster cold: first sore throat/fever, then cough, then nose. Yuck. I never wanted to eat and I was doped with cold pills. BUT. We still had a good time, and enjoyed hanging out together. Could've been a lot worse, so it's okay! And I still did enjoy one good Thai meal and a couple Mexican meals.

Now I'm back at work, trying to remember what it is I do on a regular basis, and catching up with folks. Next is to remember what I have to do with my thesis (it's crunch time!) and my book.

That's right! I was writing a book, once upon a time before finals and Christmas and vacation. Must get back to that...

Good to see you again, online peeps!

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Wulf said...

"Hello world."

Raises hand; hides "/(bb|[^b]{2})/" and "kung foo" shirts