Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday Love Day

I'm declaring it a Love Day! Here are 5 things I love today. What are yours?

1. CHASING SMOKE, by Bill Cameron.
I finished this book last night. I have 3 words for you: Buy. It. Now. This was one of the best mysteries I've ever read--but it's more than just a mystery. The characterization is complex and real, the plot twisty and compelling, the writing stunning. Go.

2. Reepicheep in Prince Caspian.
We started watching Prince Caspian last night, and of course as a confirmed Narnia fan I love it. But even better: Eddie Izzard does the voice of Reepicheep. I'm a big Eddie fan (example here), so to hear his voice coming out of a little sword-brandishing mouse...Win.

3. Food.
Okay, to be more specific: the food I've cooked the past two nights. New recipes, YUM!
Sunday: Pork Tenderloin with Apricot Glaze and Cuban Mojo Sauce, served with couscous and sliced hothouse tomatoes. Did I say yum?
Monday: Asian Grilled Chicken Breasts, served with jasmine rice and a plate of cucumbers and carrots (with ranch, of course).
The rest of the week we'll have easy foods and leftovers, but I do like to cook every once in a while.

4. Fellow YA Authors.
Just a kick-ass group of people, who happen to be a lot like me. Where were y'all when I was suffering through high school? Yes, Joanna Levy, Courtney Summers, A.S. King, Rose Holck, Julie Kentner, Maggie Stiefvater, Diana Peterfreund, Melissa Marr, Liz Encarnacion, Sarah Prineas, Lisa McMann, Kelly Parra, Sara Zarr, Linda Gerber, Sue Seeger, and all the rest: I'm talking about you. You guys rock.

5. 2009 (so far).
We're only 13 days in, and yes, we're in a deep recession. But I have a really good feeling about this year so far. I hope I'm right, and it's going to be a great one!

What about you? Any things you love today?


Joanne Levy said...

Aw, thanks, Suze! Thanks for the reminder that although sometimes times are tough, there's still lots of things (and people) to love!

Currently I love (not in any real order):

- Jennifer Crusie's BET ME, which I picked up again over the weekend. I've never looked at a Krispie Kreme the same since reading that book
- Thai food
- Since you mentioned Eddie Izzard, I LOVE his Deathstar Canteen routine - find it on youtube if you haven't seen it.
- when the writing goes well. When the books write themselves. When my characters surprise and amaze my.
- my amazing friends, both rl friends and the amazing online friends I have made who help keep me going when everything else sucks

pseudosu said...

Things you love-- what a cool post! I may have to copy you-- mine tend to run towards "stuff to bitch about today". Much more positive.

I'm almost done with Chasing Smoke and you're right-- it is awesome.

Chandra Rooney said...

I love that it's my release day! :)

Susan Adrian said...

Thanks for your list! I love deathstar canteen. Have you seen the Lego version of deathstar canteen? It is to die for.

Pseudosu: I need to replenish myself often with positivity. :) And yay for you reading CS! Wait, did you win that?

Chandra: WAHOO!! Yay you!!!

Julie said...

Thanks for letting me pretend I'm still and author, dude :)

Let's see:

1. Satire. Enough said :)
2. My friends, both near and far.
3. Editing. I really, really, really like copyediting. Yep, I'm a freak.
4. Marian Keyes - because she makes me laugh and cry.
5. A nice glass of Argentinean malbec. Yum!

Good idea - I already feel less swamped!


Travis Erwin said...

I have much to love and right at the top of that list is my wonderful blog world friends such as yourself. On behalf of all my family thank you for all you've done to make this past week easier to bear. My gratitude to you and all the others in never ending.

Susan Adrian said...


You know you could become a copyeditor. They do pay people for that. :)

Susan Adrian said...


I'm so glad everyone has made it easier! I've thought of you and your family often.

Did you get any Hotwheels or books in the mail yet?

A Novel Woman said...

Okay, I'm a tad late, but here's mine:

1. Terry's Chocolate Orange (dark!)

2. My Moorcroft vases in the afternoon sun

3. Sushi

4. Battlestar Galactica 4 (just arrived)

5. My husband, who is such a kind man I feel I don't deserve him.

(oh, these aren't necessarily in order of importance!)

Diana Peterfreund said...

thank you, Susan! Right back atcha! I love my writer friends!

I also love my fans. they started an LJ comm for me today.

And I love my puppy (what else is new?) we went hiking today.

I love my local friends, too, because they manage to make the most mundane get togethers (Thai takeout) unforgettable and worthy of Kodak moments.

Susan Adrian said...

Pam: I LOVE Terry's chocolate orange. I hereby confess that I put one in Child's stocking just so I could share it. (yum)

Diana: Friends, fans, AND puppies. You ARE living high! :)