Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yeah. It really is almost always like this.

Whew! January has so far been a leetle crazy. I'm just breezing by here today to say:

1) I'm alive! You've probably figured that out already.
2) I'm busy! (ditto) Trying to work (big time for us), write thesis, start crazy heavy-load classes, keep writing, attend all these board meetings for Child's school and create marketing materials I know. My Life.
3) I am SO so so so so happy about President Obama (squee) and his inauguration yesterday. Yes, I cried.
4) Hi! Just because I'm slammed doesn't mean I want to lose touch. Comment, if you will, and say hi and what YOU have been up to!!


Travis Erwin said...


Susan Adrian said...

*waves at Travis* How's the re-building going?

Linder said...

Hi! And you pretty much know what I've been up to. {g}

pseudosu said...

Hi Susan, wow- you DO sound busy!
I'm busy too- revising my wip (one of my wip's) and getting back to DayJob (welding metal artwork).

Susan Adrian said...

Linder: Thankfully, I DO. *fist-bump for daily Yos*

Sue: Yes, I seem to do best when ultra-busy. Go figure. And I must say: how COOL is it that your day job is welding metal artwork? *impressed*

Kelly Gay said...

Susan -- A full class load?! You rock. I, on the other hand, sissied-out and decided to take the semester off. Hee. :D

Susan Adrian said...

Kelly: Not full, just two classes. If all works out, I will be taking Forever off from school after this!! :)