Wednesday, January 14, 2009

SSP: progress, finally

Yay SSP! I got past a block and pushed up to 15% today, and got to do a kissing scene and everything. I'm feeling quite giddy about it right now, which is fun! It's been a struggle for the past little bit, which IS what will happen when you let it sit too long. I know this. Now if I can keep my butt in the chair for a while I can hopefully keep that momentum going!



Gary Corby said...

Well done! It's amazing how getting onto a roll can help. Amazing too how easy it is for me at least to stop for a "short break", especially when it's not obvious how to write the next bit.

I can see why lots of people never finish, but you're going to make it, Susan, because you have before and did a brilliant job.

Susan Adrian said...

Thanks, Gary. I do love those kind words sometimes. :)

DA said...

LOL! I just posted something similar on my blog...about getting back in the groove. Maybe it's the time of year?

Regardless, I am happy to learn you're having fun. Sometimes I think we forget that's why we got into this in the first place - the fun!

You go girl,

Susan Adrian said...


It's SUPPOSED to be about the fun, "fun"damentally. :)