Friday, August 04, 2006

Friday Game Day

Happy Friday!

Yesterday's post about personal themes really got me thinking. I love delving into questions like that, the deeper layer of why we do what we do. (okay, you got me, I did start out as a psych major. {g})

So some of you came up with your themes already. Excellent! For those, you can still play along today and see how well you fit. For the others, let's do a game to start to figure it out, if you're up to it! Kreek and I did this yesterday, and it was kinda fun.

The Game (What's My Theme):

1. List 5 of your favorite movies. From any era, the ones you would willingly watch over and over and over.
2. List 5 of your favorite books from childhood. These should be ones you treasure, those that really meant something to you.
3. Look at the lists, and try to see a theme.
4. I'll look at the lists, and see if I see a theme as well--the same or different. {s}

Ready? Play!

Medieval Word of the Day: sturme: a. Of the weather: To storm, rage. b. To cry out loudly.


Sara Walker Howe said...

The 5 movies I do watch over and over:
1. Star Wars: A New Hope
2. SW: The Empire Strikes Back
3. Casablanca
4. 10 Things I Hate About You
5. The Princess Bride

The 5 books I treasure:
1. Anne of Green Gables
2. Outlander
3. Voyager
4. Wuthering Heights
5. the Harry Potter series

It would appear I like timeless love with a dash of fantasy.

Susan Adrian said...


Hmmm. Yep, except for Harry Potter those all include great romantic love stories. Love that is fated, and overcomes all?

Cindy said...

Dear Susan:
I've done some thinking about this, and here are my lists. I don't think they'll help, but that's ok. I think Ive figured it out.
1. Titanic (I know...)
2. Gone with the Wind
3. Pirates of the Carribean
4. Gladiator
5. Second Hand Lions

1. Outlander Series
2. Potter Series
3. The Birth House
4. Kit's Law
5. Homestead

You'd be hard pressed to find a central theme, methinks.
So, sometimes I want adventure. Other times, I want humanity, told to me in a new and interesting voice.
What do you make of it?

Susan Adrian said...


Hum. I can't do much with the adult books, though. What are your books from childhood?

Cindy said...

Hum. Children's books. Lesee.

OMG, I don't remember my childhood! I read CONSTANTLY, and I don't remember...

Here are some I liked, there might be others, but these stand out.

The Borrowers
Black Beauty
The Black Stallion
Are you there God? It's me, Margaret
A Wrinkle in Time

Susan Adrian said...


You're right, yours IS hard. {g} I'd have to say there are a few outliers, but mostly there is a strong current of overcoming difficulties, even impossible-seeming situations, to succeed. That makes for a lot of good fiction!

Mrs. Mitty said...

Hmm. Let's see...
Wuthering Heights
Pride & Prejudice
Captain Blood
The Enchanted Cottage

Books I read as a child:
Put Me In The Zoo (earliest fave)
Fifty Famous Fairy Tales (read them all over and over)
The Velvet Room (girl finds a secret library as I recall [g])
Nancy Drew / Hardy Boys
The Adventures of Robin Hood

My theme... Love conquors all? Or maybe love and cleverness conquor all? [g]

Beth said...

Interesting--Kate Elliott just recently blogged that she's a sucker for the "stranger in a strange land" theme. I like those, too.

So, childhood books, huh? I read so voraciously as a child (and mostly about horses) that it's hard to pick five individual books. But I'll try. Lessee...

1. Charlotte's Web
2. Black Beauty
3. Beautiful Joe
4. The Black Stallion, et al
5. fairy tales of all kinds

1. The Lord of the Rings
2. Shakespeare in Love
3. A Knight's Tale
4. Star`Wars
5. LadyHawke

And boy, there's a bunch that want to crowd into that number 6 slot. [g]

Susan Adrian said...


Hmmm, there's an adventure theme in there too somewhere. Forging relationships in the midst of trauma/adventure? Finding love in trauma/adventure?

Geez, you guys' themes are harder than mine and Kreekie's. {g}

Susan Adrian said...


Huh. Interestingly, several of yours do NOT end happily--a little bit of tragedy in there. Even some of those that do, like Ladyhawke, have tragedy in there. I see a theme of selflessness in your picks; giving up the self for other a greater cause, or for love.

Beth said...

It's odd, because I love happy endings. The hero(ine) must triumph in some way.

I think, if there's a common theme in all those movies, it's about honor. Sticking to one's principles and doing what's right or what has to be done, no matter the cost.

Mrs. Mitty said...

You're good, Susan. [s] I think you've nailed it, for me. Both of my WIPs are along those lines, too. :)