Monday, August 14, 2006

I need more!

All right, you convinced me: it is a little burnout. I'm going to take a 1-week "vacation" from works-in-progress to clear the brain. Two is too much for me, but one sounds about right. {s} And I know exactly what I will work on when I "come back"; I have a very special project that needs my attention. So, yay. Thanks to all for your support! And I'm going out to lunch today!

Now for my big news: I'm pretty darn sure that I'm going to register for Grad school for the fall, to get my master's in Technical Communication.

Why? Because I don't have enough going on with the full-time job, 4-year-old child, husband, selling one novel and writing another. I need MORE.

LOL. Well, I guess that's not really it. But it seems silly not to pursue it at this stage--I work on a university campus, and they will pay for up to 6 credits a term. Work will let me have release time to take courses. I can waive out of quite a few classes with just my work portfolio, and I can use a work project as my grad project. So I can basically get a master's for almost-free, with a fair portion of the work stuff I would be doing anyway. And it will look oh-so-nice on my resume. {g}

Plus? I do so love challenges, and I work better under pressure. Sad, but true.

Medieval Word of the Day: recche: To tell, narrate, say.


Cindy said...

Dear Susan:
Please, stop. I'm getting those nervous hives again...why do _I_ feel stress over this? (G)

It sounds great, though. Sometimes I think I'd like to go back to school, but it's just not an option for me right now. Good luck!!

Susan Adrian said...


LOL! No stress.

Well, I was feeling a little today, once I found out that classes start NEXT WEEK, but all will be well. And better, eventually. {g}

Cindy said...

That's exciting. How many courses do you plan to take?

Julie said...


Good on you for taking that next step - way to go! I've been tinkering with the idea of going for my master's, but because I only have 3-year BA and not a 4-year, I'd have to upgrade that first.

But you go girl! What's your first course?


Sara Walker Howe said...

Wowee! Good for you! Yes, take advantage of that deal, because if you don't, one day you'll wish you had.

Susan Adrian said...


I'll take 3 courses the first term. Two are mandatory: a graduate seminar and Research Methods (which I'm told is mostly statistics, rather than how-to). I'm also signing up for Intercultural Communication, whatever that may be. {s}

Susan Adrian said...

Thanks, Julie! I'm excited about it. A new challenge! Courses in above reply to Cindy...

Susan Adrian said...


That's exactly what I thought. Carpe Diem. {g}

Sara Walker Howe said...


I give everything the "old and gray" test these days. "Will I regret it when I'm old and gray, if I don't take this opportunity?" It's a handy little yard stick.

Erica said...

Hi Susan,

Go for it - you might regret it if you don't. (Like everyone said.) I did my (distance learning) library diploma when I was working full-time, writing, and planning our wedding, and I doubled the recommended course load.
I've never regretted it--and at the end of the last semester, after having two weeks' holiday, I found myself a bit lost without something to do all the time. So I started soapmaking. *g*

Have fun!

Susan Adrian said...


You sound just like me. {g}