Friday, August 25, 2006

An Eventful Night

If you woke up with a weird, straight, 1/2-inch long cut right at the top of your forehead, that you didn't have before you went to sleep, what would you think happened? Aliens, right? Aliens came and abducted you in the middle of the night, performed their odd little brain experiments, and then dumped you back in bed?

Yeah. Um, okay, so that was my first thought. I clearly have watched too much sci-fi TV. (Yes, I know it was probably just my own fingernail, but darn it, the alien theory is more fun.)

I did have a wonderful elation-dream last night. I woke up at 3:30 and was so pleased that I could just drift right back into it. Do you have those? I wish I could remember what it was about now, but I remember very clearly the feeling of peace, of utter contentment and satisfaction. Like that moment after making love, when you kiss your husband on the cheek and allow the pure bliss to flow through you, without doubts or worries. Like the moment when your child looks up at you, unprompted, and says "I love you." Like sitting down with a cup of hot coffee and a new, waited-for book, and 2 hours to yourself.

When I have dreams like that I wake with the sensation that I've touched the otherworld somehow, made an important connection. The feeling of relaxed happiness lingers all day, just on the edges of my mind.


Oh, and note: I'm leaving on vacation tomorrow, so I might not post until Friday of next week. I will have the laptop, so I might...but then I might not. {g} Have a fun week!

Medieval Word of the Day: reaver: A robber or plunderer; a marauder, raider.


Cindy said...

I love those dreams, and the moments throughout the next day when that peaceful feeling steals over me.

Baking today, something new. Baby's asleep and Boy is outside with his Dad. Thank heavens, I needed this.

Hope that scratch heals soon. Hopefully the aliens didn't do too much damage in there...{g}

Renée said...

Hope you're having a wonderful vacation, Susan!