Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It's all about me

I had a 3-hour business meeting yesterday, so no time to blog. Barely time to think! However, as per my usual, other than blogging I was quite productive. How annoying to find out that I really do have to be busy to get things done.

I sometimes wonder what life is like for people who are not so...self-reflective. Ever since I can remember I have analyzed myself, my actions, my thoughts. Comparing them to other people, comparing them as I changed. Trying to discern trends, patterns, to figure myself out. I even was a psych major for a while, but thank goodness I quickly realized that wasn't healthy (when I started to self-diagnose horrible things like schizophrenia or paranoia after one semester, it was a sign; I quickly switched to English).

Unless I'm wrong, not everybody thinks this much. Most of you do, of course, because you're either writers or avid readers, but it seems to me that many people just live. Sometimes I wish I could do that.

Anyway, I'm not woe-is-meing. I'm quite happy at the moment. I wrote 600 new words on Saturday (yay), and plan to continue that scene today. It's amazing what happened when I said "Oh, all right, go ahead, have sex if you want to. I can re-work everything else, or take it out later if it doesn't work." {eg}

I'm also waiting (not patiently) for my transcript to come, which will complete my grad school application package so I can register. Classes start Thursday.

Oh, and we're going to San Diego for a 5-day vacation on Saturday. Woo-hooooo!

Medieval Word of the Day: primer: A name for prayer-books or devotional manuals for the use of the laity, used in England before, and for some time after, the Reformation.


Jenny said...

Susan -

How funny that you should comment on my blog today, since I was going to comment to you today! {g}

I'm leaning more and more towards Surrey, even though DH gets a dubious look on his face when I bring it up. If I could find a roommate it would help. Jen Hendren was interested, but she's not sure yet if she's going, either.

Speaking of Surrey, that's what I was coming on here for - have you entered the storytelling contest? When I read about it, the first thing that came to mind was the story you posted on here last week. 'Course, you might have other short stories you like better, but that's what I thought of. {g}

Anyway, good luck with grad school and have fun on your vacation!


Susan Adrian said...

Aw, thanks, Jenny!

No, I'm not entering the Surrey contest. I entered it the first year and didn't do so well {g}, and since then I've just been too busy getting TMT ready to sell. Last year I was finishing the first final draft and preparing to pitch it--this year I'm doing revisions and REALLY pitching it. Plus, you know, that whole Masters thing. LOL! But I'm very flattered that you liked the story well enough to suggest that!

My DH got a dubious look the first year too. The second year he "bought" me the conference for my birthday (which is in February, so you can see how much I wanted it, and how much he realized that). This year he was encouraging me to go as well, with absolutely no doubts.

I do get a bit of Mommy guilt, but my buds quickly got me over that. Plus the fact that when I called home my then-3-year-old said "Daddy and I are having the best time together EVER." {g}

Oh, on the roommate thing, check with the other Jenny from Cincinatti. I think she was looking for one.

Beth said...

Hi, Susan,

Your post made me laugh. I'm always thinking, too.

Have you ever taken the Myers-Briggs personality test? My whole family did recently; it was revealing. [g] My husband and middle son are the same type, and my older son and daughter are the same type. Me, I'm the odd one out. INTJ.


Susan Adrian said...


Yep, but not since highschool. In highschool I was split evenly between INFJ and INFP.

Lori Benton said...


"I can re-work everything else, or take it out later if it doesn't work."

LOL. Too bad we can't do that for real, huh?


Susan Adrian said...


Yeah. Life with rewind or erase. {s}

Vicki Pettersson said...

Me, too. Wonder, I mean. And you know the people who 'just live' don't do that, either.

Think there's a cure?

Have a brilliant time in SD. Weren't you just there?

Susan Adrian said...


I think the only cure is to shut off our brains, and we don't want that.

And yep, we were in San Diego a few months ago, but we decided to sneak in one more vacation before school starts. Why the heck not? We've got nearly a full week planned of beaches, museums, and even a preschooler science(ish) camp. You know, like making your own volcanoes? {g} I'm really looking forward to it...

Mrs. Mitty said...

Funny, Susan! My DH often tells me, "You think too much." Yes, must be an occupational hazard. But a good one. :)

Have fun on your vaca., you busy lady!

Julie K said...


Holy smokerinos, girl! You've got a lot going on these days. Makes me feel positively lazy just thinking about it!!

Of course, I'm now planning to redo my entire WIP so far (although the first chapter might just make it out alive). But still, nothing to compare to your workload these days!!


Susan Adrian said...


Thanks! And yes, it could be an occupational hazard...although I can tell already that my 4-year-old does it too. It's genetic, apparently. {g}


Yay vacay! But my workload's not too bad. I'm finding time to comment here, eh?

Lorraine said...

I absolutely think this thinking too much thing is a writerly trait. That and sensitivity. I've often told my family if I could just shave off about 20% of my sensitivity, life would be so much simpler.

I, too, and an INFJ/P. We're only about 2% of the population. And Beth, my husband and son are INTJs, and you guys are an even smaller percentage, like 1% of the population, I think. Very interesting.

And congratulations, Susan, on getting some words to flow!

Not to mention your five day trip to SD. I just got back from a whirlwind Extreme College Tour Challenge. My dh and I took my 17 yo son and two of his friends to visit five colleges in 2 1/2 days up in Northern CA. Within the next few weeks, we need to do the same in a southerly direction--including SD.

Susan Adrian said...


Oooh, fun on the college tour! Did you go to Davis by any chance? My alma mater. {s} Though UCSD is nice too, if you get down that way.

And high-five, INFJ/P sister! Also on the sensitivity thing. Sheesh. I think even 20% is not enough for me.

Did your kids inherit any of those traits? I think my daughter got all of mine...

Beth said...

Lorraine, Two INTJs. Oh, I pity you. [g]

My husband and one of my son's are INTP. Try living with two Einsteins.

Sarah said...

This is kind of scary, because I do exactly the same thing (thinking about way too much, thinking about what I'm going to do, have done, etc) and I'm also on the border between INFJ/P, last time I took Myers/Briggs. And if I'm not busy, I don't get much writing done at all. I don't know why that is.

Susan Adrian said...


Wow, another INFJ/P! That is unusual. Perhaps all the commonalities are part of that personality type? Hmmm.

I think today I'll talk about Myers-Briggs. {g}

Lorraine said...


We DID get up to UC Davis and my son loved it! And we'll be heading down to UCSD in a few weeks for a tour of that campus. Very exciting time for him.

And yeah, I was being conservative with that 20% thing. On some days I'd happily give away 60%!!

Susan Adrian said...


Let me know if you're seriously considering Davis. I can give you an alum's perspective. Of course, you can already tell it's a pretty positive one!