Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Wait


I am so not good at waiting. I get itchy, wanting action, wanting to be able to do something to affect the outcome. Unfortunately, waiting with at least apparent patience is largely what this stage of the query process is--I have a fair bunch of possibilities, both queries and partials, Out There still, so it's not time to send more yet. I've read Miss Snark; I wouldn't dream of sending nudges. All I can do for TMT, all, is check my email regularly and think positive thoughts.


That's not a lack of positive thoughts, that's just frustration. {s}

I know, you blithely respond "Work on Book 2! That's your action!" Yeah. I would say the same thing to you at this stage. And I AM working on Book 2, and I'm excited about it. But what I didn't realize when I was saying that to people? It's kinda like saying, "I know your first child is out in the ocean by herself, in a rough storm, without any kind of boat or even lifevest. But hey, you can't do anything about it, so why don't you just sit down quietly here and play with your second child?"

Doesn't sound quite so easy when it's put like that, does it?

Anyway, enough whining for today. I'll work on Book 2, I'll check my email. I'll wait. Patiently.

Medieval Word of the Day: quide: A will, legacy, bequest.


Cindy said...

Hey Suze:
I was wondering how you were coping with the waiting. I sent out some childrens' books once and then checked the mailbox every day until I got all my rejections back...there was this mixture of trepidation and excitement every time I stuck the key in the little hole...Anyway, hopefully it won't be long, and hopefully there will be good news!

I've been doing some waiting, too...waiting for pics of Sophie. (G) Maybe sending me a few will take your mind off the suspense?

Susan Adrian said...


LOL. I'll try to remember to send you some new ones when I'm back home this afternoon or tomorrow--the recent ones are all on the home computer.

It is an odd mix of emotion, this waiting. You don't want to hear bad news, so no news is good...but also killing. {g} Fortunately this too shall pass, right?


Cindy said...

Indeed. How long ago did it go? A month?

Susan Adrian said...


Roughly. I started submitting end of June. So I really have absolutely no right to be impatient, and should expect to wait several more months. :)

Precie said...

Good luck! I hope you hear good news soon!

LOL--my verification--hhugg--how cute!!

Cindy said...

Well, go ahead and be impatient, not like you can help it. (g) We understand.