Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Another Writer's Story

Miss Snark posted this story today, and I just have to pass it on. Perfect for those of us who struggle with the writing, even if we don't have cats.

Megan Lindholm's story: How I Became a Famous Writer.

Enjoy. :)

Oh, and writing note: I threw out the whole first scene of Chapter 2 yesterday. Why is it that you can read something over and over and over and not realize that it's totally useless, and then suddenly you see it? And chapter 2 as well, gah. Way to stop agents cold. Anyway, I have a perfect bit to put in there instead, about half-written. Yay.

Medieval Word of the Day: alan: A large species of dog used to hunt or bait wild animals; a wolf-hound.


Julie K said...

Oooh, love it when the perfect bit comes and just falls into place, right where it was supposed to. Now that I'm writing on a more regular basis, it's happening more and more often, and that's a pretty cool feeling, I must say. Glad you figured it out before you got too much further along!

And glad to see you're still fitting some of your own writing in there too - how do you manage ?!

Julie K

Susan Adrian said...


How do I manage? One day, one hour at a time. {g}