Friday, September 15, 2006

Discussion Friday 1

It's Discussion Friday! (A new feature, since I frequently find that on Fridays my brain is mush and I cannot imagine that anything I might have to say could be interesting. However, I love it when I can provoke y'all to talk.)

Topic for discussion today:

If a blessed (and insane and imaginary, but what the hey) publisher came to you right now, and said "I will give you a bazillion-dollar contract to write a book for us, but it must be something you have not yet started at all. No notes, no nothing. Give me a new idea and go for it."

What would you write about? What comes first to your brain as something interesting, worthy of a new book? C'mon and spill. I figure this is a good exercise to get us all thinking about something other than the WIPs we've been slaving over for dog years. Tell us!

I'll come back this afternoon and post mine. Hopefully I'll see some cool thoughts from you guys by then!!

Medieval Word of the Day: wankle: Unsteady, insecure; changeable, unsettled, precarious; inconstant, wavering. Also, weak in health, delicate, sickly.


Susan Adrian said...

It's a slow Friday. {s}

My idea:

A book from the POV of Leonardo DaVinci's sister. I remember reading a ways back that he had several siblings by a different father(?) who later sued him for something they felt wronged about...

Can you imagine being Leonardo's sister?

Sara Walker Howe said...

Leonardo's sister is a cool idea. And anything Leonardo is hot right now.

I wanted to write for Bombshell, but they're gone now. I may still write the story anyway.

I also want to do a futuristic romance someday.

Cindy said...

Dear Suze:

I'd like to write a story about a love that outlasts death through reincarnation. It would have characters who have ignored the voices of their own hearts, because of family, money, status, power, whatever, and they'd find each other again and again until they got it right.

Susan Adrian said...


Yeah, the problem is by the time I finished the Leonardo idea, someone else would've already done it, or it wouldn't be hot. {g}

Futuristic romance would be good. Like space?

Susan Adrian said...


Oooh, I love reincarnation stories. I have one of those in my back pocket myself. {s}

Sara Walker Howe said...


Well, I don't know. Leo has had a huge intrigue factor for a very long time, and I think he will for good long while more. He is a fascinating character. And you've got a fresh take. I don't think it matters how long it will take you to write it, the audience is there.

As for futuristic romance being in space... yes. Think of the episodes of ST:TNG revolving around the sexual tension/romance between Dr Crusher and Captain Picard; or Riker & Troi; or Worf & Troi; etc. Or in Star Wars the romance between Han Solo & Princess Leia. You get the idea. The focus is on the romance. No technobabble allowed. Aliens optional. *g*