Thursday, September 28, 2006

A meme of sorts

It's another day packed with activity. You should see my to-do list! (No, to preserve your sanity, you shouldn't.) But I wanted to pop in here for a few minutes to loosen up my brain this morning. Here are two questions I'm going to try to answer honestly. If you have a blog and you're reading this, consider yourself tagged to answer them as well!

1. Name three things about yourself that you dislike.

--I can be bossy (shut it, Kreek!)
--I worry too much, about everything.
--I sometimes get very self-absorbed.

2. Name three things about yourself that you love.

--I am a good mom. I let my kid know I love her, and I take time to play with her.
--I am creative. I love to write, but also to dance, and to act.
--I'm pretty good at dealing with people, and getting things done while keeping everyone mostly happy.

So your turn! I'm gonna do another break later today and do the blog round, to see who else picked this up!

Medieval Word of the Day: fore-wit: To know beforehand.


Cindy said...

Ah, all right.

Bad things:
1. I can be lazy, I procrastinate.
2. I don't always think before I speak (or write).
3. I'm messy.

Good things:
1. I'm kind, people matter to me.
2. I take good care of my family.
3. I have a positive outlook.

Sara Walker Howe said...


Dude, the three things you dislike about yourself are the same three things I dislike about myself!

How 'bout that? *g*

Susan Adrian said...


LOL! I don't know if that's good or bad, dude. {g}

Susan Adrian said...


Thanks! I don't know why I love this sort of brief self-analysis, but I do. :)

Julie K said...


Hmmm, interesting. I'm not sure which things I want to steal [g].

OK, three things I dislike:

1. I'm impatient.
2. I interrupt people waaaay too much.
3. I'm too self-centered.

Three things I like about myself:

1. I'm game to try new things.
2. I'm bubbly and enthusiastic (but not perky).
3. I love my friends to bits.

Why, though, is it almost always harder to think of the things you like about yourself [g]?

Anonymous said...

Since my blog is dead in the water, I'll post here.

Three things I don't like:

1. I am awkward in making conversation with new people and in group situations.

2. My intentions are much greater than my actions.

3. I worry too much.

Three things I like about myself:

1. I'm a good mom.

2. I'm a good listener.

3. I genuinely care about people and love my friends dearly.

Interesting thing to think about. Thanks, Susan!


Jas said...

I know I'm late to the party but...

Three things I don't like.

1. I don't care if my house is a wreck
2. I get obsessive
3. I don't have enough patience when I'm on the rag.

Three things I do like.

1. I am a genuinely loving person.
2. I am creative, too. Beyond writing I've acted in plays and even a short movie. And I directed and english reniassance country dance group.
3. I love life and things that are romantic.


Anonymous said...

Hmm. Okay, why not? {g}

Three things I don't like...
1. I, too, procrastinate. Ugh.
2. My internal editor will not let me give a piece of my mind to someone who deserves it (in the fashion they deserve it in). (I admire people who can do this! Is that wrong?? [g])
3. I don't worry enough.

Three things I like about myself -
1. Dogs and babies like me (and vice versa).
2. I try to always be considerate of others' feelings.
3. I have discovered that I am brave when I need to be.