Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Hellooooooooo! Sorry for the long absence. I was frantic-busy on Friday trying to catch up--I had 1200 words' worth of essays due, for one thing--and just relaxing (well, and more catching up) on the weekend. I never feel right blogging from home.

So, vacation was lovely. One of my favorite highlights was the hour-long biplane ride hubby and I took. We flew right over our friends' house and did a wing-waggle for them and Child, and then headed out over the ocean and up the coast. Man. It's beautiful from up there.

Science Camp at the Science Center in Balboa Park was also a big hit. Over the course of 4 days, Child and I: made a parachute man and threw him off a balcony; made a rocket out of a film canister and alka-seltzer; made moon rocks; smashed a geode; made twirly helicopters; made a volcano in the sandbox; examined and planted seeds; heard stories; sang songs; and did lots and lots of artwork, and other fun stuff. It was tres cool. We also spent a lot of time at the park and swimming, since those were the things Child most wanted to do. Hubby and I saw 1 play (Othello) and 2 movies each, separately, and we ate tons of good food. We skipped SeaWorld and a couple of other major places, in favor of just hanging out. It was a great time.

Now we're back and hopefully will settle into the swing of fall soon. Preschool started this morning, and I have all my grad classes stacked up today. One other thing I discovered this weekend--it really does set a good example for Child when you go back to school, or take time to do important work. She found me yesterday doing my math review work for the GRE, and got very excited. "I have math too!" she cried, and ran off to get her Dora counting/numbers book. Then she climbed up on the bed with me and did her math work while I did mine.

Oh, and writing? Yes, I have a plan to do with writing. I'm still a bit burnt out, but I'm getting there, and WILL have an even better draft ready by Surrey. (I did submit my query to Miss Snark, by the way, but was not randomly chosen...)

Anyway, I'm off to class in 10 minutes. See ya tomorrow!

Medieval Word of the Day: fumosity: (1) The quality of being full of fumes or vapours. (2) The flatulent quality of various articles of food; the heady quality of wine, etc.

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