Friday, September 08, 2006


This morning I was cuddling with Child just after she woke up. She looked me over thoughtfully and said, "Mommy, I looove your shirt. And I love your pants, and your sweater. And I really love your earrings. You look so pretty."

Ahhhh. You can warm your hands off that, you can. {s}

Believe me, I know it will not last long. Soon she will be a teenager, and despise all of my clothing and my attempts to buy HER clothing...but for now, I love the 4-year-old age. Cuddling and compliments.

And because it's Friday, and I'm feeling lazy, and I have to go deal with a work issue, that is all.

Medieval Word of the Day: grot: A fragment, particle, atom. every grot = every whit.


Cindy said...

LOL! Well, I had a four-year old, and I never had those talks. I had these talks:

Mom, why do you have hair on your legs?

(Poking my bangs with a forefinger)
"What's this for, anyway?

(After I had Baby Girl, he comes to me and hugs the front of my belly, like he did when I was pregnant. I reminded him that there wasn't a baby in there any more.)
"I know, Mom, but you're still a bit fat."

So I'm feeling a little short-changed, if that's what _you're_ getting! (G)

ChrisMac said...

I love when my dd says stuff like that. "Oh, Mommy you look so cute!"

But I also got, "Mommy why do you have fur on your arms? Am I going to get fur?" -loudly- at the bookstore! (I heard snickering too.)

Susan Adrian said...


LOL! Well, I used to get the occasional inadvertently rude comments as well, but she's really into appearance right now {rolling eyes}, so I get the compliments. :)

Susan Adrian said...


{snort} Fur! {snort}

(hmm, my word verification is eipudal. That is way too close to epidural for me...)