Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Humph. Struggling with the writing today. I don't know what the problem is, but it's annoying.

Actually, I do know what the problem is, I guess. I changed locations/scenes, into a "rest" moment, and I'm not really good at writing those. I need and appreciate them when I'm reading, but give me the middle of high action to write any day. {sigh} Or dialogue. I love to write dialogue, at least in this book.

What's your favorite bit to write: dialogue? action? description (pardon me while I ugh)? introspection?

Whadjya eat? We needed a light meal, so I made vermicelli with roasted asparagus and tomatoes, which is actually a Mayo Clinic recipe (healthy!). It's one of our favorites for summer; the asparagus is soooo good this way. I served it with parmesan toasted bread. Actually I'm never sure whether Child will eat this one--sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn't--and last night she wanted her own food. Which is fine. We have mac-n-cheese leftovers. {s}


Carol said...

Hi Susan,

I agree with you. I find dialogue the easiest to write. I've been told I do description and emotion well, but for me, nothing flies on the page easier than dialogue. Hmm, I wonder if the description and emotion come off well because of the dialogue foundation that I start with. Could be.

Sara Howe said...

Hi Suze,
I used to hate those scenes too. Now I love them because I use them to deepen relationships, or tighten the tension by imparting deeper meaning on the main plot line, or change the conflict in some way. Think of the kiss scene in The Empire Strikes Back. Tension is low, they're hiding and repairing the ship, and then BAM! The tension changes in a different way. I love it.

BTW, I love the Whadja Eat? section. I like to hear what busy writer/working moms are feeding their families. It's kind of like that other love of mine: seeing pictures of the inside of people's houses.

Susan Adrian said...


I don't know--the dialogue just comes into my head, at least the basics for it. I have to add all the visual stuff of course, and balance it out, but dialogue is clear if I'm into the character.

Description I just hate writing. I'm rather hoping I can get away with writing this book without an awful lot of it. {g}

Susan Adrian said...


Yes! They're still a struggle to get started on, though, because I'm never sure where they're going when I start.

I'm afraid I don't remember Empire enough to remember any particular scenes, but I'll take your word for it! I did love those movies when they came out.

Glad you like the food thing! I figured if I was doing it every night, I might as well share. Since I like reading other people's food blog stuff...