Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Things I've learned over the past week:

--Setting up a fish tank for the first time is rather a blur of filters, and conditioners, and correct plants, and correct heaters, and what to do when.

--When the instructions say "heater must be completely submersed before being plugged in", they mean it. Or the bloody thing doesn't work.

--Once I've broken a heater {ahem} I become instantly neurotic about the new one I bought to replace it, convinced that it's not working properly. I may even run home during the day to check that the fish aren't burning up.

--The little bubbly fountain I bought for my office is cool, and is indeed relaxing. It almost wipes out random thoughts about fried fish.

--I really am the mom of a big KID now. She'll be in kindergarten in the fall. As of today, I'm even a soccer mom. {gasp}

--Dead Witch Walking is a good, funny book. But I get way different looks reading that, or Vicki's books, than I did reading historicals. I love this, and this fact alone would make me want to read more.

--I can write 700 words a day steadily if I concentrate on it. I'm still on track for finishing the first draft at least of JENNA by Surrey, and pitching the sucker.

--My friends rock.


Carol said...

Hi Susan,

As long as you keep learning, you're in good shape.

700 words a day? You can do that, with words to spare. You'll have it finished and the first fifty pages all nice and polished well before Surrey. You'll knock 'em dead.

Cindy said...

Hi Susan!
I hope you have better luck with your fishtank than I did with our hamsters. (cough)

Child is getting big, isn't she? I remember talking about "threes" with you. Brace yourself - kindergarten teachers are *way* smarter than regular moms. (huge eye roll)

Great job on the Jenna wordcount! That's terrific.

I loved Dead Witch Walking too, can't wait to get to the next one, but I have a really big TBR pile right now.

Susan Adrian said...

Thanks, Carol! I'm on it. :)

Susan Adrian said...


Child IS big! Fortunately we don't have any worries about kindergarten--it's just the next year at the same school, same teachers. {s}

I'm hoping the fish survive a month. I'm just sayin'.

DWW is good, isn't it? Vic tells me the later ones are even better.

Cindy said...

The first Kim Harrison I read was actually #5, FISTFUL OF CHARMS. I had trouble getting in to that, but I didn't realize it was a series (wry g.)

I'm reading INTO THE MIST right now, it's long, but good.

Susan Adrian said...


INTO THE MIST? About Alzheimer's, or a kids' book? (or something else entirely?)

Cindy said...

No, that one is "a re-imagining of the legend Arthur and Gwynevere" or something like that. It's told from the women's perspective. Massive book. (G)