Thursday, June 14, 2007


I cleaned up the good scene from yesterday, and am still happy with it. Today's isn't as strong, but I'm still not quite sure where it's going to I'll play with it.

I just got a work publication back from the printer that I worked really hard on. And it looks PERFECT! {happy sigh} I am so relieved.

It's sunny out today, so maybe I can convince hubby to go for a walk with me around campus.

Oh, and the fish? Yeah. The tiger barb is looking like it's not long for this world. We've been fighting ich since we got it, and we're losing. This morning I couldn't find him, and Child finally spotted him INSIDE a little decorative jug on the bottom that he shouldn't even fit into. I guess a survival rate of one out of two isn't bad. {cough}

Whadjya eat? Ah, now you'll start to see my pattern. Usually I grocery shop on the weekend, and Sunday/Monday/Tuesday I try out new stuff or make the real recipes. On Wednesday or so we start to use leftovers, or just have all-out leftover or simple meals the rest of the week. I guess I run out of steam. {g} Last night we had spinach salad, a cooked ham slice, and leftover couscous. I did spruce up the couscous (plain) with toasted garlic and pine nuts, just to make it at least a tiny bit flavorful.

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