Monday, June 11, 2007

Not sleeping, writing, and cooking

Child's first sleepover was great...without much sleeping, but I did rather expect that. I did NOT expect them to bounce back up at 6:30 AM all bright and bouncy, but apparently Child's Best Friend is an early riser. Usually weekends are for sleeping in, at least until 8:30.

We took a nap yesterday afternoon to compensate. Yep, me too. {still yawning}

When we weren't running around buying trees/cleaning/having our portrait taken/playing/making cookies etc. this weekend, my brain was on Jenna. I keep having those moments--you writers know them, hopefully--where I am SO excited about what this book could be if only I get it right. I know it's far from that in this first draft, but there are glimmerings. I even sat down and wrote a whole paragraph while the girls were busy playing in the other room.

As I've been into cooking for the past few months, I've decided to copy Sara's "what's for supper" feature, now that she's not doing it that way anymore. {g} Except I have to post what we had for dinner the night before, since I'm never absolutely sure until I make it. I'll call the new feature a version of a famous Butte phrase:

Whadjya eat?: I don't have a recipe to link to, since last night's dinner was straightforward and simple. We had lamb chops with mint-apple jelly, couscous, sliced tomatoes with balsamic vinegar dressing, and fruit salad (fresh strawberries, apples, black plum, and grapes). Child loves lamb chops with mint jelly, so this one's an easy sell. :)

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