Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I managed to squeeze some writing in yesterday even though it turned out to be a lunch-with-hubby day, so it's all good. Mexican food _and_ progress on Jenna.

Today I've got to get my usual 750 words. Hopefully won't be a problem. I get to start today's writing with a kiss scene, the first one in the book. The girl's been a bit too busy for romance so far.

Whadjya eat?
Last night I tried a new recipe, Chicken Yakisoba. It was a bit more labor-intensive than my usual work night recipes, but basically it's chicken stir-fried with Napa cabbage, carrots, onions, and Chinese soba noodles. The yummy light sauce has sake (I used plum sake), soy sauce, and fresh ginger in it. Hubby had seconds and Child actually ate quite a bit before she had to be rescued with cottage cheese. {g} I'd make it again, though probably not often. (But Child and I had lots of fun saying "chicken Yaki-SOBA" over and over and over...)

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