Tuesday, July 31, 2007


The Hat Trick post of the day!

I just had to record this conversation I had with Child yesterday. Hubby heard it from the other room and was just as boggled as I was.

We were coloring pictures of the Backyardigans together.

Child: What kind of animal is that one, anyway?

Me: I don't really think it's an animal. I think it's an alien. (see picture--the pink one.)

Child: Oh, no. She couldn't be an alien. She's nice. All aliens are mean.

Me: Hmmm. I don't think they're all mean. I think I've heard a story once or twice with nice aliens. (thinking fast: do I say they're not real? Do I?)

Child: No, they're all mean.

Me, after a while, nonchalantly: I'm not really sure aliens are real, anyway.

Child: No, they are. I've met aliens.

Me, sitting back on my heels: Really?

Child (still coloring): Yes, I met aliens before I was born. That's why you don't know about them, because you weren't with me.

At this point all those theories of children remembering past lives, heaven, etc. from before they were born are flashing through my mind, but I keep my voice even.

Me: Really? How very cool.

Child: Yeah. And did you know...(dramatic pause)...that there's a Disneyland in your belly?

Me: Um...

Child: There's a real Disneyland, inside your belly.

Me: Was that why you used to kick me so much?

Child: Yes! Because I wanted you to come to Disneyland with me.



Cindy said...



Reminds me of the early days with Pebbles. When she was about 6 months old she would wake in the night - and sometimes she'd be inconsolable. A number of times she looked up (kind of at the corner of the ceiling) and she held her arms out like she was reaching for someone there. Of course, nobody was there, at least not that I could see.

My best friend has a daughter with CP, and it's taken as a matter of course that she sees spirits. She's described people she never met, and once found a lost set of keys in a snowbank - while laying on her back in the living room.

Susan Adrian said...


ooooooh back. Cool!

Though I asked her to elaborate on the aliens last night--and that part sounded like pure invention. ("there were six aliens, 4 girls and 2 boys, no, 5 girls and only one boy, and the boy aliens are all mean, and the girl aliens are nice...")

Cindy said...


If you get a chance, pick up a book called THE CHILDREN THAT TIME FORGOT. It's all essays about freaky situations where kids remember previous lives. "That's where I used to live before I died" sorts of things. Very neat.