Thursday, July 12, 2007

Kicking ass

YES! A kick-ass 1150 words today, which _almost_ catches me up completely for missing Tuesday. I could've kept going if I hadn't had to get back to work. :) It was a good scene too (I think), relationship-building/fight. I love writing arguments, for some reason. Fortunately Jenna has lots.

Other news:

--Child is back at Grandma's during the day, so we're in our routine again. Have I said how much grandmas rock?
--We're going to the carnival tonight. Wa-hoo!
--Child is doing HER first sleepover at her best friend's house this weekend, and hubby and I therefore get to go to a grown-up play together. Excitement all around.
--Apparently we purchased an evil, homicidal fish. I told you before about how our big gourami (privately nicknamed Psycho) killed our poor tiger barb, his tankmate. Well, Child picked out two lovely neon tetras on Monday as replacement. Ahem. Psycho chased, harassed, pecked, and then killed one the first day and the second the next day. I am no longer fond of Psycho.


Rose said...


Yay, grandmas!!!


Carol said...

Hi Susan,

It sounds like Pyscho is ready for a bigger tank.

Susan Adrian said...


Well...I'm sure Psycho would like a bigger tank. But since this is our first fish experiment, and we laid out a fair amount of money for the tank we got...he ain't getting one. {g}

Child is in favor of Psycho (she still calls him Shiny, as do I around her) going "somewhere else" and us starting from scratch with some brand-new fish. We shall see!

Susan Adrian said...

Hugs back, Rose!