Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Let the brain work

The answer for how to get out of the last fix came to me in the shower this morning (and it builds on what I already had, yay!)--and I solved some other plot problems while mowing last night.

I've heard other writers talk about how "mindless" activities can help in plotting, and that's definitely true for me. I suspect it's the subconscious working it out for you, tying things together that you put in there without really understanding why. I love my subconscious. {g} Where do you get your best ideas, or solve your plot issues?

Whadjya eat? Tried a new recipe last night, to rave reviews. Hubby really really liked it. As usual, it's one of Elise's: Spicy Garlic Cashew chicken. You can control how spicy it is--I took out all but one or two jalapeno seeds, so it wasn't too much for Child. I made the marinade the night before and put it on the chicken in the morning, which worked fine. Served with a veggie salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, and avocado and fresh pears. Yum.


Jen said...


I get _a lot_ of inspiration from dreams, and more often than not, most of my plot holes are tied up when I'm busy with something else. Be it while I'm asleep , or doing some other mindless task -- homework (g), driving, showering, chores, etc. I find my best ideas/moments of inspiration come about when I'm _extremely_ bogged down with other things. I think it's a way for my mind to express a need to procrastinate on schoolwork, etc. LOl.

Oh...and that half asleep/half awake state -- man, I get some GREAT ideas from those periods.

For FI, I was literally pulling out my hair because I couldn't tie up a big plot hole. I spent days, frustrated and annoyed. Then a friend called to go to a movie -- on the drive there, while my mind was focused on the road and nothing else, it ALL fell into place. Weird how that happens.


Carol said...

Hi Susan,
Hmm, I don't have a specific routine for inspiration. I tend to dwell on what I need to have happen. The solution will bubble up in different places, rarely all at once.

The last bit started revealing itself on the ride home, then continued the next morning over breakfast. I get the strangest looks from people when the last piece arrives and I can see it all clearly. I generally gasp and get as excited as a little kid at Disney. It can be embarassing. My family usually responds with, is that all.

Susan Adrian said...


Yes, I do that a lot while driving too! Or while hubby is driving. {g} Isn't it fabulous?

Susan Adrian said...


It IS hard to explain the excitement. I usually just bubble quietly to myself. {g}