Monday, April 14, 2008

Finally a taste of spring

This weekend was absolutely glorious: sunny and almost 70 degrees both days, which is when Montana is at its most beautiful. I'm happy to say that we took full advantage of it. In no particular order, we:
  • flew a kite
  • played on the playground, all of us together (twice). Swings are still fun.
  • went for a walk at the creek, and tried to feed the ducks. Where are all the ducks?
  • went swimming at the hot springs, in the outside pool
  • had a roaring game of soccer in our snow-free yard
  • set chairs up outside and read together, in the sun (I was reading and marking GG)
  • made cookies (okay, that one was indoors)
Unfortunately, I'm back at my desk in my office today, and feeling slightly down. Let-down, maybe? We're supposed to have one more day like this and then another storm/cold front moves in tomorrow.

Here's another of my favorite photos. And nope, that's definitely not Child. In fact, that's one of Child's "boyfriends". :)


Rose said...

Ahhh, sounds great! Saturday was like that for us but then it turned cloudy again. And it rained.

The hot springs sound super fun!


Linda said...

Hmm ... I left a comment here yesterday, but I guess it didn't "take." Anyway, it sounds like you had a marvelous weekend. Maybe the ducks just didn't get the word on the nice weather. {g}

Hope you're back up after your let-down now. {s}


Susan Adrian said...


WHEN you come and visit, we'll definitely go to the hot springs. :) And yup, we've got rain/snow expected today. We get your weather a couple days after you, then we send it on to Julie.

Linda: It WAS marvelous! I don't know what's up with the ducks. We have year-round ducks and geese, surprisingly, but they seem to have gone away the past couple of weeks. {puzzlement} And still pretty darn let-down, but surviving! Thanks to you guys!

Lottery Girl said...

What a fun weekend!

I was doing all that stuff just ten years ago. Guess what I am doing now? Come on over and see for yourself.

Cindy said...

Great weekend!

And clearly that's not Child, look at those fingernails. Those are BOY fingernails. (shudder)