Friday, April 18, 2008


Ahhhh, I'm happy today.

For me, because it's the weekend, my class is over, and it's sunny outside (even though we have 2-8 inches of snow predicted this weekend...). I'm listening to good music and rocking out. We're going out to Mexican food tonight, and I am darn well having a margarita.

For my friend, because she took the second step towards publication today (the first step was finishing a good book!) and I am SO DARN PROUD OF HER. Linda, a bow to you.

Happy weekend, everyone!


Linda said...


And I wouldn't have taken that step without you behind me pushing. {s}

Now, let's just hope it wasn't off a cliff... {g}


Susan Adrian said...

Dude. I'd never push you off a CLIFF. A gentle slope, maybe. {g}

Linda said...

LOL! Gentle is all right. I can do gentle. {g}


kazdreamer said...

Happy weekend to you too! :)

Rising said...

You're tagged.