Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday share: another blog

Thanks for participating in Sharing Friday, everyone! That was fun. I think I might have to do it again sometime.

This week I'm going to have to skimp on the blogging, as I'm pushing hard on:
  1. GG revisions
  2. my multimedia final project
  3. my ethics paper
  4. work
Not necessarily in that order on any particular day. To keep things interesting, though, I'm going to share SOMEthing every day. Today I'm sharing my favorite blog post of the day, from my kick-ass superstar agent Janet, talking about an Idol panel at a conference:

I'm in Awe of You

I first connected with Janet at just such a panel--they're powerful. You can get real, honest feedback, right there. Whether it's something like that or sending out queries: Be brave. Trust in your writing and keep going no matter what. If you've got something good and you KEEP TRYING, it will happen eventually.


Lottery Girl said...

I remember being in that room with you girl. SO COOL!!!

I'm not at all looking at agents (sorta think one should have a manuscript first!). But Janet's reaction so impressed me. It was awesome to see her get that excited over your work. I believe that enthusiasm would carry over when she goes to a publisher.

Rose D. said...

I read Janet Reid's post this morning and thought of you. {s} That must have been an awesome moment for you when she stood up for your work at the panel!!

Brenda said...

I remember that panel too; it was the best of the Idols so far. I was actually the volunteer gal at the front who got to introduce that wonderful group of agents. What fun. :)

Susan Adrian said...

Steph: {beam}

Rose: It was awesome. Everyone in the panel loved Janet's enthusiasm. On several of the books she'd jump up and say "Who wrote that? I want to see you!"

Brenda: You were? How very cool! Yes, I've participated in all 3 Idols, but that one was definitely the best balance.