Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More meme

It's Meme Season, apparently. Or maybe I'm just feeling meme-y. I borrowed this one from Melissa Marr.

You're feeling:
headachy, because I messed up my coffee schedule this morning

On your mind: Work work. I have to figure out my 2009 budget by tomorrow. Which is why I'm doing this instead.

On your desk: Piles of paper, aforementioned budget, big jug o' water, a Baked Apple Pie-scented candle, and my Ghost Girl mascot

Last meal: donuts (what? I bought 'em to thank my staff. So I got to have some too...)

You dread: being stuck in a small confined space

You crave: coffee

A smell that cheers you up: the smell of pavement after a good rain

A food that you despise: curry (bleah)

How long since you last shaved: this morning

Current state of your hair: messy. My hair looks just like my avatar's at the moment.

First stop in a bookstore: kid's books. Child and I always read together in bookstores.

Free afternoon activity choice: writing! Or reading...

Something that freaks you out : waiting endlessly

Something that makes you sigh: Child, and how short her childhood is

You have never: gone sky-diving

Would you:
hmm...don't think so. Every once in a while I think so, then reality kicks in.

You never want to try: sushi (same as Melissa)

You want to but haven't: gone to Yellowstone Nat'l Park

Place you want to go for the first time: New York City

Place you want to go back to: Hawaii

Your favorite day of the week: Saturday

Add a question in this sort of random way to the list here in the comments AND answer it and the rest on your blog.


Linda said...

Aaack! Don't walk outside! Or else, if you have to, wear a hardhat! {g}


Susan Adrian said...


I know! Two of them just crashed down. It sounds like thunder. :)

Rose D. said...

{evil laugh} Just when you thought you'd done enough memes...

You're it! I've tagged you to write six random things about yourself!

Susan Adrian said...

Thanks, Rose! But I'm going to have to postpone that one to later this week. Today I have Actual Content Plans! {g}