Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday linkage!

Melody has a last name! Poor thing. It's Ziditor.

Our family name--Dad's name--is Ziditor. It's Romanian for maker, or creator, and that's what we are. It's just my bad luck that it also sounds awfully like "zit".
--Last night we saw a wonderful TV show. I know, it's like an oxymoron, but it really was. This American Life, a PBS radio show, is now in its second season on Showtime, and we've been watching them on demand. The one we saw last night was a study of 6 men named "John Smith" at different ages: 11 weeks, 8, 23, 36, 46, 70, and 87. Wow. It was beautifully done, a real glimpse of this weird Life thing. See it if you can. Link about the show here:

--Editorial Anonymous is guest-blogging today at Editorial Ass about Rosemary Well's The Bunny Planet, one of my favorite kid's books, and about what it's really like to be a kid. Hubby and I were just talking about how you forget, as a grown-up, how little control kids have. Great post.

--And finally, THIS was in my head when I woke up this morning--we just watched the 2006 revival of COMPANY on video, and of all the songs this one stuck. {shrug} Still there, too.


Catherine Karp said...

Love the last name! I just gave one of my characters the last name of Duckett this week, which has the problem of sounding a lot like another term when you replace the D with an F. Bravo for using a name that's realistically embarrassing.

Susan Adrian said...

Cathy: The name came to me yesterday, and it fit perfectly. It was only when I was saying it aloud this morning to myself (Melody Ziditor, Melody Ziditor) that I realized it was also perfectly embarrassing to a 14-year-old. {g} Duckett makes me laugh too...and would be impossible to spell right.