Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Join me on the rollercoaster

Random mood swings...

UP: We did it! We gave Obama the final boost, and he really got the nomination! Woot!

DOWN: It's. Freaking. Snowing.

UP: {looks at computer, at the news reports} Woot!

DOWN: {looks out window}

UP: In 5 more posts, I will be at 500 posts! I must celebrate.

DOWN: *work program flashing at me insistently*

UP: *Life Stuff*

DOWN: *Life Stuff*

I think I need some drugs. Or some more coffee. Or some other sort of mellowing the chocolate and peanut butter Ghirardelli bar I hid in my bag this morning! YES! {rummaging}


Lottery Girl said...


I am soooooo lucky (or cursed, depending on your point of view) because there is a See's Candy about 30 minutes from me. And yes, even with the price of gas I sometimes find it a medical necessity to make that drive and get myself a CUSTOM box. YUMMY!!!

Susan Adrian said...


I love See's. It's a family tradition.

What do you put in your custom box?