Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Okay, I have to do one of these, just because of the RANDOM searches people have been using to find my blog. These are actual phrases people used in google. I'm glad they came here (welcome!) but poor people, most of them were likely sadly disappointed.

belle underwear

what? How on earth does a "belle underwear" search land on my site?

george collen thomas the tank engine

Carlin. It's George Carlin. But cool that you're looking him up.

how the brain works while driving

Um. The same way it works when you're not?

pixie dust stencils

Well, that's cool. I'd like pixie dust stencils too. Sorry, I'm no help with that, though.

what does ribibe mean

I had to look back on this one--apparently this was one of my medieval words of the day. (Medieval Word of the Day: ribibe: An opprobrious or abusive term for an old woman.) Hey, now I'll get more hits for that.

last name Friday

Like Robinson Crusoe? Wait, that was "only name Friday", right?

model in bikini

Yeah, that one is totally my own fault for talking about America's Next Top Model AND bikinis. I deserve all the searches I get for that one.


cannwin said...

Funny. It almost reminds me of the sorts of things that come out of children's mouthes. Sometimes you just have to stop and really think to figure out where on earth they picked something like that up.

I found you cause I was searching through the blog tags. So you were either a fan of Jane Austen, Mistborn, or Twilight (as those were the three I was looking up and with all those firefox tabs up I'm not entirely sure where you fit).

Anyway, then I saw you were from Montana and just had check it out, as I live outside of Bozeman. I'll come back again soon. ;)

Sarah Ockler said...

This is hilarious. Just a few months ago I did a similar post. One of the most popular search terms for people ending up on my blog is "snowsuit pee" or "snowsuit fetish." Seriously, it turns up every week. I would love to meet these people. :-)


Susan Adrian said...

Hi cannwin, fellow southwestern Montanan! :) I suspect it was Jane Austen I was a fan of. I do WANT to read Twilight, though, once my book stack gets a little lower.

Sarah: Welcome! I'm totally searching for snowsuit pee right now and see if I get to your blog.