Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I appear to be having one of those weeks when I can't post anything of substance. Snips of thought are all I have, so snips are what you get.

Snip: There was a moose in my mom's back yard yesterday. A MOOSE. Just a-sittin' on the lawn. The rangers had to come shoot it in the butt and haul it away. It was most amoosing. (sorry)

Snip: Child is getting a new tooth...behind the baby teeth, with the baby teeth still in place. They call 'em shark teeth, apparently. We went to the dentist today fully expecting that he was going to pull the two bottom front teeth, but were reprieved for a couple of months. Whew. However, we had x-rays done, and the size of her permanent teeth are astonishing. Dentist predicts either she will be much taller/bigger than we expect, or we will have friendly relations with the orthodontist.

Snip: My goal is to have 3000 words on Melody by the end of this week, 5000 by the end of this month. Finished draft by end-of-year. I can do that.

Snip: Finally, it's summer. 80 degrees. I have a tank top on. Yay.


Hélène Boudreau said...

Little C had shark teeth too, but had to get two baby teeth pulled eventually. It wasn't too bad and she got double from the tooth fairy that night.


Good luck with your writing this week!

Catherine Karp said...

My oldest had the shark teeth, too. The baby teeth eventually fell out, and she didn't have to have anything pulled, but it did look weird.

Susan Adrian said...

Thanks, Helene and Cathy! It does make me feel better that it seems to be fairly common. Turns out my husband had a full double-row too.

Ingrid said...

This is something I obviously have to look forward to with my four-year-old. What age do shark teeth appear?

Susan Adrian said...

Hi Ingrid!!

I don't know how common they actually are, but hers are appearing at about 6 and a half. You've got a while. :)