Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Today's conversation

Angel on shoulder: Oh, goodie, it's almost lunchtime. You can crank out your wordcount on Melody.

Devil: The Lee Child book is in your backpack, right there, only a zipper away...

Angel: No, no. You must spend your hour on your own writing. Otherwise, how will it ever get done? Slacking does not a novel finish.

Devil: Just for a little while. You can read some while you eat.

Angel: You know it doesn't work that way. Crack that puppy and you're gone for the hour. Hmm, crack. Lee Child books are like crack. Resist!

Devil: C'mon, it's summer. Prop your feet up. Relax.

Angel (stern): You have not been making your wordcounts lately.

Devil (waggling a little pseudocopy of Lee Child over my head): You know you want this.


Winner to be determined momentarily...

And the winner was Angel--got my wordcount in. Though I also got 15 minutes at the end to read. :)

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