Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Child's poem and picture of the day

Child's blue dotted octopus sloth poem and picture, created this morning for YOU!

The Blue Dotted Octopus Sloth Poem

The blue dotted octopus
hangs from a tree
while eating a snack,
he gives some to me!

His snack is bananas,
he likes them a lot.
Although I'm a monkey,
I don't like them a lot.

So I said to the octopus,
"No thank you for now,"
and I walked off to
go eat some chow.

The end!


Joanne Levy said...

Most delightful picture and poem combo!

DeadlyAccurate said...

That was an excellent poem, and as I mentioned earlier the picture is also terrific.

Victoria Schwab said...

I love the two together :)

Jeanie W said...

Your child is a genious! Has she had any offers of representation yet? Has Janet seen this?

NBB said...

Oh, wonderful!


PinkOctopus said...

I love you too.
Even more than bananas.

courtney said...

Now THAT is fabulousness. And it started my Monday off with a smile (which is unheard of!!!).

Susan Adrian said...

Aw, thanks, you guys!! Sorry I didn't respond to comments sooner, but it's been a crazy week or so. Child LOVED that y'all appreciated her pictures and poem!!

(And I told her there *was* a real pink octopus, but she did not believe me)

PinkOctopus said...

I'm very sad she does not believe in me.
I may have to swim to Montana and tickle her with all EIGHT ARMS!!!!!

Don't think I won't do it either!