Monday, July 13, 2009

Fabulosity and First Drafts

The Folk Festival was fabulous.* My favorite moments were dancing with Child and Hubby rightupfront for the Chicago blues band and the New Orleans jazz band. Those people know how to make your bones want to DANCE. I also loved lying out on the grass singing along to gospel while we made grass anklets.

Sometimes Life is just cool.

This weekend we're going to head west to the Choral Festival in Missoula. Did I say it was festival season??

In other news, I finished HUNGER GAMES by Suzanne Collins at lunch today. Y'all were not lying. It ate my brain while I was reading it. I dreamt about it, pondered it, wanted to sneak moments to read it on the sly. I was also MAD at it when I finished, because I wasn't ready for it to end, especially like THAT. Thank God for friends who are smuggling the ARC of Catching Fire to me, because it is necessary. Unfortunately they tell me it won't be any better when I finish that one...*sigh*

I'm also going full gangbusters on my new WIP, working title FRINGE. It's a little odd writing all-new stuff shortly after doing so many soul-pounding revisions. On the one hand it's sometimes sparkly and shiny...and on the other the back of my brain is informing me (quite often) that all of this pretty new will probably eventually be cut. All. This is what I have learned--I shouldn't get too attached to any bit of it, because it will shift and need to change.

Yeah, I get attached to it anyway. It wouldn't mean anything if I didn't. So I am doing my Very Best to shut off the "this too will be cut" brain and just play. I think you have to play on first draft, or readers will be able to tell--it will be too stiff or something. Lacking spark. Yes?

Anyway, I've got quite a bit of work work I'm doing--just taking a breather. Will try to pop in a bit more often, in spite of the summer crazies!!

*I have noticed that I use the word "fabulous" too much lately. This is a good sign that I want to describe so many things as fabulous, but I think I need a new favorite word.


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Yes, I know what you mean. We write the first draft in order to get through to the second. I love the way the later drafts grow from the roots of the first one, though - so much fuller, richer, and full of life. When I'm in the first version of a scene, I feel like I'm scattering both seeds and manure (mostly manure, believe me!) I may not be able to tell one from the other right now, but something good is sure to grow.