Thursday, July 02, 2009


My Topics of Thought right now, in picture code. Because isn't picture code more fun sometimes?

(photo from

(photo from
(photo from

(photo from

What? Oh, whoops. That last one snuck in there. :)

I bet most of you can guess the rest anyway!


Victoria Schwab said...

Oh oh I get it! :p

Susan Adrian said...

LOL. I *knew* you'd get all of them. :)

Jeanie W said...

Hmm. Not sure I get all of them. No. 1 The river represents sending your new MS out into the world?
No. 2 The shark is your agent?
No. 3 The crossed fingers is hoping?
No. 4 The fireworks is the kind of outcome your hoping for?
No. 5 Mr. Darcy dripping wet is a reiteration of No. 4 employing a different metaphor?

Susan Adrian said...


LOL! Well, you got two of them. :)

Tiffany Schmidt said...

I'd comment but I can't tear my eyes away from that last photo. Now if only it was a talking photo so I could hear his accent.... *sigh*

I've got my #3 going for you too :)

Janet Reid said...

1. A picture of Montana from "A River Runs Through It" because Montana is the location of MANY fine writers. The river because what the fine Montana Writers write are stories we need much the same way we need water.

2. Continuing the water motif: enter the Shark. The Shark is giving you the fish eye. She's got her eyeball on you, yes she does.

What you don't see in that shark portrait is that she's using her right fin to tap out an email message to some lucky editors.

3. Don't focus on the two crossed, extended fingers. Focus on the the three folded fingers, embracing one another in the palm: writer, editor, agent. We're all drinking mai tais poolside at the Palm d'Or hotel, reading novels from Fine Montana Writers.

4. This is what the world looks like after a day drinking mai tais poolside.

5. This is the guy who works for UPS and brings contracts. Right?


Susan Adrian said...

Tiffany: I know, right? I kept getting distracted while I was posting it.


What was I saying? (psst: is he looking at me? I think he's looking at ME)

Susan Adrian said...

Janet The Fabulous:

That is SO much better than anything I might have originally meant that I will take it, word for word.

(Heh. You sent me revisions on my post, without there even being words in my post) :)

Anonymous said...

So here's my comment in code:



**\o/** **\o/** **\o/** **\o/**


O_O *drool*

Ara Burklund said...

Wow! I was totally off base. I thought you might be going snorkeling in shark-infested waters over the holiday weekend, and if you made it out of the water in one piece, there'd be a hot guy waiting to seduce you.

courtney said...


Susan Adrian said...

Emily and Courtney: :) There is drool all over my blog now, y'all.

Ara: That was not a bad guess. But Janet NAILED it!

Linda G. said...

Got room for more drool? Oh, and I like Janet's interpretation of all of them. ;)

Susan Adrian said...

My keyboard is drenched in drool--but with the current floods, a little more liquid is fine. :)

Precie said... there an, um, announcement you can decode for us?????? :)

Susan Adrian said...

Precie: Nope! Just powerful hopes and wishes. Wanna join in? :)

Precie said...

Heck, yeah! :) Here's to powerful hopes and wishes (and powerful agents and editors too)!