Friday, July 10, 2009


So I've been keeping busy.

I always think summer is going to be relaxing, but it's actually the busiest time of the year. It makes sense, since we *finally* have perfect weather, so everybody's outside doing stuff every minute of the day. Yard maintenance (ha), hiking, biking, picnicking, fishing, and festivals.

Butte has four festivals this summer--3rd/4th of July, the National Folk Festival (in its 2nd of 3 years here), Evel Knievel days (not my thing, but cool) and An Ri Ra, a big Irish celebration. Tonight is the kickoff of the Folk Festival, and I'm excited.

It's really fabulous to have this here in my town. It's a full weekend of FUN music--everything from Blues to Cajun to country to gospel--all outdoors, with multicultural food, dancing, and fun stuff for kids. I'll probably be outdoors just about all weekend, like last year.

Last night we also went to the street carnival that popped up down the block from us. Damn, those things are expensive now--but we got the all-ride passes and USED them. And Child won 2 fish (Danios, I think), who are still living in spite of Psycho. May you keep living, little fish!

To celebrate, this morning she drew this:

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!


Anonymous said...

What a GREAT fish tank!! :D I was just thinking the same thing about summer - I don't want the snow and cold of winter to return, but I wish I could slow down to enjoy the warm and sun a little bit!! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go, Go, GO! ;)

courtney said...

Aaah! That picture is rockin'.
Keep living indeed, little fish!

Susan Adrian said...

Emily: YES. It is craziness...but in a grand way, mostly.

Courtney: Thanks, bb! They are STILL LIVING. We are considering giving them names!